Meet the Staff



Kyle Stich – Director at AFP Analytics

Twitter: @k_sticher Email:

AFP Analytics was founded by and is currently directed by Kyle Stich. He earned his Master of Science in Sport Management with a Concentration in Sport Analytics from Columbia University in 2017. He earned his undergraduate degrees in Accounting and Sport Management from St. John Fisher College (now University) in 2015, where he currently serves as an adjunct professor teaching Sport Finance and Baseball Analytics.

Kyle provides 10 years of experience working with professional athletes and agents as a tax and analytic consultant.

In 2023, Kyle co-created the Max Term Podcast with AFP Analytics Analyst James Finch.



James Finch – Analyst at AFP Analytics

Twitter: @J_Finchy1 Email:

In May of 2019, James graduated from St. John Fisher College (now University) with a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management. James soon joined AFP Analytics as an intern for the summer of 2019, helping produce NHL contract projections for all free agents that offseason.

In the half decade since, James has become a regular analyst at AFP Analytics and has continued to bring industry leading expertise in hockey contract projections and team salary cap management.

In 2023, along with Kyle Stich, James has co-created the Max Term Podcast.